Therapy Cafe

Episode 50 - Queen of Foreplay

March 18, 2019




This episode is brought to you by Stone Soup Community Press, Inc. 501(c)3 and Desert Palm Press, pleasing readers one book at a time.

In this episode, Luce (American Yakuza) and Thalia (Eagle Cove) speak with CJ Murphy author of The Bucket List.

Professor Jordan Armstrong gives us a lesson in patience and tenacity when pursuing both career goals and love.

Jordan also helps Luce and Thalia answer a listener question, to snoop or not to snoop?

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Professor Jordan Armstrong, a biogenetic engineer, is at an impasse in her super food research. In order to move forward, she is adamant that her former professor, Noeul Scott, is the key. The problem is, Noeul vanished after a personal tragedy. Jordan stumbles upon a coded 'bucket list' that she hopes will reveal clues to where she's gone. With the help of her cryptologist sister, Jordan follows clues to several National Parks where hidden memorials to Noeul's deceased wife, contain the next set of coded ciphers. Jordan must decode each in order to reveal the next location. Along this expedition, she is guided by something, or someone, she can't see. Unexplained happenstances continue to direct her steps.